How to Run sudo Command Without Password on Ubuntu

On Ubuntu, the sudo command allows users to execute administrative tasks with elevated privileges. By default, sudo prompts users for their password each time it is used. However, there are scenarios where you might want to run sudo commands without entering a password, such as in automated scripts or for convenience. Here’s a simple guide on how to achieve this.

Step 1: Editing the sudoers file The sudoers file controls who can run what commands as sudo and with what privileges. To edit this file, open a terminal window and type:

sudo visudo

This command will open the sudoers file in the default text editor (usually nano).

Step 2: Modify sudoers file Scroll down to the section that looks like this:

# User privilege specification
root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Below this line, add the following line to allow a specific user to run sudo commands without a password prompt:

your_username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

Replace your_username with your actual username. This line grants the specified user (in this case, yourself) permission to execute any command as sudo without entering a password.

Step 3: Save and Exit After making the necessary changes, save the file by pressing Ctrl + X, then Y to confirm, and finally Enter to exit the editor.

Step 4: Testing To ensure that the changes take effect, open a new terminal window and try running a sudo command without entering a password. For example:

sudo apt update

If everything is set up correctly, the command should execute without asking for a password.

Step 5: Security Considerations Granting sudo access without a password prompt should be done with caution. Only grant this privilege to trusted users, and avoid using it for sensitive or critical tasks. Regularly review and update your sudoers file to ensure that access is limited to those who need it.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you can configure Ubuntu to allow certain users to run sudo commands without entering a password. However, remember to exercise caution and only grant this privilege when necessary to maintain system security.